Podcast Nuggets Edition #11: Outlook for Branded Podcasting in 2024

Podcast Nuggets Edition #11: Outlook for Branded Podcasting in 2024
Podcast Nuggets Edition #11: Outlook for Branded Podcasting in 2024

We start this first, albeit late, Edition with an outlook on growth for branded podcasting in 2024, and how its potential compares with the recent performance of other marketing vehicles. We continue talking about two key trends: the use of video and diverse voices for your Episodes, and end with tips about how to look and sound great in both podcasting and virtual meeting environments.

Enjoy your Nuggets!

Now that we’re a couple months into 2024, marketing executives are working with budgets that have either been set or are just being finalized. But effective marketing responds to what’s working and what’s not, and smart organizations should revamp their content vehicles choices if something isn’t firing on all cylinders.

So, as the year starts off, are you already (or still) experiencing “content clutter”? Content has become ubiquitous, but many communication methods are still static, text-based, and transaction-oriented. Branded podcasting is the antithesis of these descriptors; it is dynamic, multi-media, and customer relationship oriented. This is one of the reasons we believe 2024 will be a growth year for the medium, and if you’re not yet on the train, it’s worth considering moving some budget items around to start your podcast journey.

Need to build a business case for podcasting? In our recent blog post, Will Branded Podcasts take off in 2024?, we detail key growth and marketing effectiveness statistics, and how they compare to other marketing vehicles like social media. If this inspires you to start a strategic discussion around podcasting, schedule a consult with us, or check out our strategy and concept development services.

 Should Your Podcast Include Video?

YouTube became the #1 destination for podcasts a little over a year ago. Why? REALLY big audience potential and monetization opportunities above and beyond an audio-only approach. But we’re honest; there are also obstacles and challenges. Read More...

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 Introduce Your Episode with a Professional (Diverse) Voice Talent

The first 30 seconds of your Podcast Episode needs to grab your listeners attention and establish a polished and professional tone. A short introduction recorded by a professional voice talent puts you on that track. ModPod is part of Marketing Messages, a voiceover services firm that offers over 180 Voice Artists recording in 88 languages. Listen to voice samples of all of them on our Voices Page.

If you really want to stand out with a Black or Hispanic voice listen to the sample on our Voice Diversity Page.

Lookin’ and Soundin’ Your Best in Podcasts & Virtual Meetings  

Show Me Your Setup #7: Lookin' & Soundin' Your Best in Podcasts & Virtual Meetings

In this Episode of ModPod’s own podcast Series, Show Me Your Setup, our audio experts Dan and Josh will help you create a workspace that will make you look and sound great. This Episode is not only for podcast hosts, but for anyone in a remote work environment who wants to project more professionally over Zoom, Teams, or any online collaboration tool. Watch and learn…

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