Podcast Nuggets Edition #12: Tech Podcasting

Podcast Nuggets Edition #12: Tech Podcasting
Podcast Nuggets Edition #12: Tech Podcasting

More and more tech companies, and companies in industries that strongly leverage technology, are fast turning to podcasting, so our 12th edition of Podcast Nuggets starts there. We continue with our thoughts on podcast studio setup costs and recasting your podcasting in different languages: why do it and how to do it. The wrap-up: a new and exciting approach to increasing your downloads exponentially.

Enjoy your Nuggets!

Podcasts focused strictly on entertainment still dominate the landscape, but podcasts focused on technology are starting to close the gap. Why? Because traditional marketing vehicles stumble when trying to explain the technology and generally make the information consumer fall asleep.

What is it that makes technology-related content challenging, and why is podcasting a great anecdote?

  1. The content can be complex. If you have a listener’s attention for a 30-minute podcast, you have the time to explain complex concepts and technologies.
  2. Tech savvy listeners are selective about content. Podcasts have higher completion rates (60%) than video content (20%), so you’re more likely to bond with this audience.
  3. Some tech users are introverts. Podcasting is an easy way to build a community of like-minded enthusiasts and create a network effect.
  4. Buyers tend to follow tech leaders. Podcasting increases your brand’s credibility and highlights your thought leadership.

In our recent blog post, 4 Reasons Why Your Tech Company Should Launch a Technology Podcast, we go into a little more detail on the case for podcasting, and provide some thoughts on different goals for podcasting beyond just trying to build downloads.

 How Much Does It Cost to Start a Podcast?

Many businesses hesitate to start a branded podcast because it requires an expensive “dedicated studio room”. But setting up a great podcasting environment in your home or studio won’t break the bank. You can do this for as little as $350 (!), but there are a lot of options for enhancements. We break down all the components for you with price ranges: Read More…

Localizing Your Podcasts for Different Countries

You’ve got a podcast in English in an English-speaking country. But how cool would it be if the podcast was in Spanish, French, or any other language? You can record a similar Episode with the host and the guest speaking different languages, or leverage professional voice talents and/or technology in different ways. Check out how we can help you.

Leveraging Social Media and Audience

Last week, I had a fascinating discussion with David Ledgewood at the Listen Network. The talk served to confirm what I’ve heard way too often when talking to aspiring podcasters in the B-to-B and B-to-C spaces: Companies starting branded podcasts fail to invest in promoting their podcasting and wonder why they’re getting only single or double-digit downloads for each podcast episode.  Instead, invest in advertising on Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn platforms, and use reporting to understand who is listening to your podcast. Learn more at the Listen Network website.

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