About Us

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Our Mission

We help our clients grow their businesses by creating compelling and content-rich podcasts that elevate and showcase their specific knowledge and expertise. We strive to be a resource that strengthens the bond between our clients and their listeners.

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“Our goal is to create podcasts that amplify the expertise and knowledge that sits at the heart of your brand – in a way that makes a lasting impression on your listeners and your business”.

- Jim Giebutowski, President and CEO
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What makes us unique

We bring the knowledge and experience gained from our voice and audio work with dozens of well known brands:

Business to Business focused

We build podcasts for clients who expect a significant business impact for their investment.


Our podcasting approach focuses on creating an invaluable knowledge resource for your listeners.

End-to-End, holistic approach

We provide strategic guidance and technical expertise from podcast conception through audio production.

Deep voiceover & audio expertise

We work with many of the world’s leading brands – with 35+ years of experience across a broad array of voice applications.

Global and inclusive

Our reach is global, spanning over 80 languages - making us uniquely attuned to cultural nuances and vocal diversity.

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Our people get a kick out of working with people who are passionate about their ideas and field of expertise. We gravitate to clients who:

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Strive to build a strong, committed following around a specific persona or field of inquiry.

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Serve “listener-customers’ who are personally invested in the knowledge your podcasts provide.

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Are passionate and intentful around their organization’s branding.

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Among Our Clients

We bring the knowledge and experience gained from our voice and audio work with dozens of well known brands:

Bed Bath & Beyond
New Jersey Natural Gas
Alliance Data Systems
Dicks Sporting Goods
ProPharma Group
Hanover Group
Childrens Hospital Colorado
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From startups to industry titans

We strive to exceed the tight audio specifications of our large multi-national clients, yet provide the same quality and detail-orientation to the neighborhood pizza shop or two-operator law firm as well. Whether you need English or languages spanning 7 continents, you’re in good hands with us.

20 yrs
Average years of experience of our audio/technical staff
Clients served since 1985
200 +
Fortune 500 clients
languages and dialects spoken

Who we look for to join our Team

If you want to join us in crushing the podcasting world, we want to hear from you!

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