Should Your Podcast Include Video?

Should Your Podcast Include Video?
Should Your Podcast Include Video?
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When you start a podcast, there are a number of important questions that need to be answered right out of the gate, including the subject matter, format, length, name, and things of that nature. But let’s say that you already have these things figured out. You know what your series is, you know what your target audience is, and you know the parameters of the content you intend to create. In the podcast world, there is increasingly another question that anyone creating branded podcasts needs to answer: Should we use video or not?

Why Is Video Important?

There are a number of reasons why more and more companies are turning to video podcasts, or at the very least investing in video production alongside the standard audio-only podcast release.  

A major one is YouTube. YouTube has 2.7 billion active users every single month as of 2024. That’s simply too massive an audience to ignore, and podcasts have a much better chance of gaining attention on that platform when they have a video element. Growing an audience on YouTube leads to more attention and a path towards monetizing not only your products, but also your podcast.

Visual presentations also help keep an audience engaged, and open up all sorts of possibilities for enhancing the narrative and communication of your podcast. Hosts and guests can more easily express themselves. Graphics and images can add even more information alongside whatever is being said. And it is easier for a listener to show a friend or companion an attention-grabbing moment of a video than it is to share in a choice piece of audio.

What Are the Disadvantages?

All that being said, it is also true that video podcasting is a different process than the standard audio-only format, and it comes with its own difficulties and challenges that may outweigh the benefits, depending on what you’re hoping to achieve when you start a podcast.

Producing and editing video podcasts is a longer and in many cases more challenging enterprise than just recording audio. You have to worry about things like lighting and framing, and the on-camera comfort levels will vary wildly from one guest to the next. While software is constantly improving to make post-production and editing easier and easier, that does not change the fact that it is a whole new set of tools that need to be learned and utilized in order to get a finished professional project.

And perhaps the simple fact of the matter is that you may have a podcast series that is by its nature quite static. If all you want from your podcast is a series of interviews on a specific topic and you feel there is no creative or engagement benefit to there being a visual component, then it makes sense to take video off the table and instead focus all your efforts on creating the best possible podcast.

Is Video Right for You?

So don’t just pursue video podcasting because you know there is a trend emerging. Really consider what sort of audience you are aiming for, and whether or not a visual element will have a greater impact on your ability to gain and retain their attention. Ask yourself the tough questions about how much time and effort you are willing and able to expend on your podcast to make sure that the visual aspect is being utilized to its fullest and being produced at the highest professional degree.

ModPod is happy to have that conversation with you. When you engage ModPod’s services for podcast production, we’ll talk you through the various options you have available and help you determine the best form your show should take.

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Should Your Podcast Include Video?


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