Podcast Nuggets Edition #9: Top 5 Ways a Podcast Can Improve Internal Employee Engagement Rates

Podcast Nuggets Edition #9: Top 5 Ways a Podcast Can Improve Internal Employee Engagement Rates
Podcast Nuggets Edition #9: Top 5 Ways a Podcast Can Improve Internal Employee Engagement Rates

Podcasting is exploding as a compelling vehicle for external communication, but it can also be an “inside job”! In Podcast Nuggets #9, we explore the use of podcasting within the four walls of your organization.

Podcasting is increasingly becoming the way people consume information, with 41% of the US population listening to podcasts monthly, and 28% weekly. While the general public may listen to podcasts for personal entertainment, many businesses are finding that podcasting can be employed to more effectively and consistently communicate with their employees. These internal podcasts have been demonstrated to outperform traditional forms of employee communication with engagement rates of up to 60%. Here are some ways progressive companies are using this medium:

  • Skills training: Many field employees are continuously on the move and may not seriously engage through desk-bound media. Salespeople, field technicians, drivers, and others who spend time face-to-face with customers often use “windshield time” to build their skills by listening to podcasts.
  • Employee onboarding: Podcasting employs the power of storytelling to convey the organization’s culture and values when employees first come aboard an organization. Use podcasting to feature examples of existing employees modeling behaviors that support the organization.
  • Interdepartmental communications: Internal podcasts can break down the information barriers between departments that need to better communicate but have traditionally lived in silos – for example Marketing and IT. Episodes featuring specific functions can be an effective way to find common ground and build empathy with other groups within a business.
  • C-Suite communications: Executives are combating Zoom fatigue by communicating about critical decisions affecting employees via podcasting. Talking directly to your employees certainly does more for company culture and connectedness than conveying essential information via e-mails, web conferencing, and company newsletters.
  • DEI/Employee sensitivity training: Podcasting is the perfect vehicle for stories and examples that demonstrate a company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. This is a great way of featuring the success of individual employees and the impact of DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) policies. Use podcasting to frame scenarios that spark discussion about conflict resolution techniques.

The best way to envision what’s possible is to listen to a few! We’ve provided several best practice examples in our blog post, Effectively Communicate to Employees Through Podcasting. We’re happy to help you find an example for your industry or use case, just e-mail us at


Audiograms are short snippets of audio (usually around 60 seconds) excerpted from a particular podcast Episode. They can be used in social media posts and other marketing campaigns, but also within internal communications vehicles as well. Read more…

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Podcast Nuggets Edition #9: Top 5 Ways a Podcast Can Improve Internal Employee Engagement Rates


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