Introducing the Talk Life Science Podcast

Introducing the Talk Life Science Podcast
Introducing the Talk Life Science Podcast
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Part of what podcasts can do better than almost any other medium is bring you inside of professions and experiences you might know nothing about. By providing outlets for experts to speak directly to the audience about their histories, trainings, and the ins and outs of their work, podcasts are a resource into firsthand knowledge of some of the most specialized careers out there.

Nowhere is this advantage more demonstrable than in the Talk Life Science podcast. Here at Mod Pod, we have had the pleasure of working with host Laura Browne for a while now, helping to craft a show that takes an in-depth, global perspective at one of the most important and vital fields today.

Sponsored by Covalent Bonds, a life science marketing firm, the Talk Life Science podcast brings host Laura Browne into conversation with a revolving door of her fellows in marketing and life science to discuss the ins and outs of their highly complex and constantly changing profession.

Among the recurring topics are how to collect and manage data, how to sort good data from bad data, how to put that data to good and effective use, how to strike a proper balance between the scientific teams and the marketing teams, and the processes needed to bring a new product to market.

As complex and volatile as this profession already was, it has only grown even more so as COVID has changed just about everything about how business is done and how consumers receive and utilize information. Laura Browne and her guests go deep into the rapidly evolving nature of their profession, reporting live from inside the evolution as it happens to and around them.

Laura Browne has also found a unique way to involve her guests in the process of the show beyond just interviewing them. Each episode, she asks her current guest to leave behind a question for her next, unknown guest, and she in turns asks the current guest a question left from the guest before them. It creates the sensation that the whole series is one long conversation, strung together with different speakers and different topics but fundamentally centered around one core idea. No matter how many different guests comes through, no matter how many sprawling subject matters are explored, they will always be connected as one expansive chain of conversation.

The Talk Life Science podcast remains a one of a kind experience even in the ever-growing podcast field. Give it a listen today!

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