Microphone Shock Mount for Better Recordings

Microphone Shock Mount for Better Recordings
Microphone Shock Mount for Better Recordings

Show Me Your Setup hosts Dan and Josh demonstrate why using a microphone shock mount will improve the sound quality of your podcast recordings.

A shock mount is a piece of hardware that helps to isolate your microphone from vibrations that could otherwise can cause unwanted and distracting noise in your recordings. Normally, a microphone is mounted directly to a stand or boom arm. Instead, you can mount your microphone into a shock mount, then attach the shock mount to a stand or boom. The microphone is secure while being suspended in elastics. These elastics act as a buffer so that the physical and sonic effects of movements and bumps are lessened.

Over time, the elastic components of a shock mount will stretch and become loose. When this happens, the microphone can bump against the shock mount housing, creating new noises that we bought the shock mount to avoid. Watch through to the end of the video to hear about Dan's low-cost solution to replacing these loose bands.

If you're at all animated, tend to move around, and even bang on your desk when you get excited, you'll want to learn how a shock mount suspends your microphone and better isolates it from outside movement.

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