Introducing the Bloodlines & Business Podcast

Introducing the Bloodlines & Business Podcast
Introducing the Bloodlines & Business Podcast
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Modpod Productions is proud to introduce a new podcast series that we have had the pleasure to help produce: The Bloodlines & Business Podcast, created and hosted by Jim, Brookes, and Courtney Townsend. With three excellent hosts and a unique insight into the business world, Bloodlines & Business is an exceptional new show right from the very first episode, and everything planned for the future promises that it will only continue to get better and better.

For those of you not familiar with Townsend Energy (formerly Townsend Oil), they are a longstanding energy company in New England, in business since 1931. Owned and operated by the Townsend family for generations, Townsend Energy is one of the most trusted names in the energy game in this region.

CEO and Owner Jim Townsend is the third generation to operate Townsend Energy, with a world of knowledge inherited from his father and grandfather, along with his own lifetime of experiences in the energy and entrepreneurial fields.

In the hopes of putting this knowledge to even greater use, Jim and his sons Brookes and Courtney launch the Bloodlines & Business Podcast. With this show, the Townsends exchange and share their wisdom and advice via authentic stories and interviews with other family-owned and operated businesses. In showcasing like-minded business owners, the podcast unlocks new ideas and perspectives that can be readily applied by any small business.      

But the emphasis on the complexities of intermingling the familial with the fiducial gives the Bloodlines & Business Podcast a truly unique perspective from any other business-centric podcast. When family and business mix, you’re not just dealing with coworkers, but with your own flesh and blood, raising the stakes of every relationship and decision.

For their debut episode, the Townsends speak with Jeff Pope of F.W. Webb. A major player in the plumbing, heating and HVAC product distribution business, F.W. Webb has been owned by Jeff’s family for several generations. With this shared history, Jeff and the Townsends engage in a fascinating discussion of the ways that professional and personal lives intersect, and in the ways that the story of a family and the story of a business can be married to each other across decades.

And that’s only episode one. As we’re fortunate enough to be privy to the plans for future episodes, we can guarantee that the Bloodlines & Business Podcast is only going to get better and better as it progresses.

Tune in today!

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