Three Financial Wellness Podcasts You Should Hear

Three Financial Wellness Podcasts You Should Hear
Three Financial Wellness Podcasts You Should Hear
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As one of ModPod's audio and video editors, I edit a lot of corporate podcast audio and video. In my personal life, I also consume a lot of podcasts. Here are three financial podcasts for beginners that I found during the early days of the pandemic. During after-work and weekend hikes, I'd take these with me to learn about investing.

Halftime Report
An audio version of CNBC's daily, mid-market news and analysis cable TV show, host Scott Wapner and his Wall Street investor guests break down the news, provide stock tips, and tell the audience where they think things might be headed. This free podcast is a great way to get CNBC content without having to pay for CNBC in a cable or streaming package. Listeners should be mindful of any advice that's offered. Specifically, they should apply critically thinking about motivations any investment firm representatives have when trying to generate positive or negative attention for specific stocks. CNBC is a huge platform, and each savvy guest likely leverages it to the benefit of their firm's current investments.

Squawk Pod
Another good way to sample cable financial news content without necessarily paying for the channel, Squawk Pod compiles the best of CNBC's daily morning Squawk Box content, curating segments and streamlining 3 hours down to about 30 minutes. Hosted by Joe Kernen, Becky Quick, and Andrew Ross Sorkin, "the biggest names in business and politics" are invited to "tell their most important stories."

The Phil Ferguson Show
Phil Ferguson mostly educates listeners on financial wellness but always interjects politics and religion into his weekly or bi-weekly conversations, because he understands the relationship between money, politics and religion - "all the things you should not discuss with your family."

His "not a financial advisor and none of this is personal advice to you" disclaimer is strong, but he provides a ton of education about stocks, dividends, bonds, etc., focusing primarily on safe-as-possible, long-term investing. Those that do their own investing will find it refreshing that Ferguson refrains from disparaging "retail" investors.

Do you represent a financial services business or organization? Have you thought of providing your customers and potential customers with useful, valuable financial wellness information? A podcast is the perfect vehicle to connect and interact. Contact us so that we can discuss podcasting strategy and concept development services.

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Three Financial Wellness Podcasts You Should Hear


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