How to Feature Your Creative Workspace on Show Me Your Setup

How to Feature Your Creative Workspace on Show Me Your Setup
How to Feature Your Creative Workspace on Show Me Your Setup

Have you carefully assembled a workspace, fun space, or creative space in your home, at work, or somewhere else? Do you use your setup to build things, work, play games, create content, or just listen and watch content? If this resonates, then we bet you've put some thought into your setup. You're proud of your setup. You might want to share it with a couple of guys (and our audience) that love their setups and love seeing other cool setups.

Share Your Creative Space on Show Me Your Setup

Dan Nelson and Josh Blood host Show Me Your Setup, a podcast and YouTube series featuring our setups, and potentially, yours! We're looking for guests that want to share and participate in some way. It can be as simple as emailing a few photos of your setup and describing your gear. Or it can be as involved as participating in a recording session (with your camera on or off) where we all geek out about your setup.

See a Professional Voice Talent's Setup

In Episode 6, professional, bi-lingual, Telly award-winning voice talent Amy Taylor Fernandez joined the show. In advance of her appearance, she sent photos of her home recording studio and editing station. We loved what we saw, so we sent an invitation to talk about her setup. Amy was comfortable joining us on camera for a fun, face to face conversation about all her equipment and how she uses it to record and deliver high quality English and Spanish voice work.

Ways to Get in Touch

If you'd like to be part of Show Me Your Setup, there are loads of ways to get in touch. Simply email us at and include photos of your setup. If you'd rather use Facebook, you can message us or comment on one of our Show Me Your Setup posts. Connect with us on Twitter via our ModPod account. And if you use YouTube, go to our channel and comment under an episode. We can start a conversation and plan your participation based on your comfort level.

If all goes well, your workspace will be featured on Show Me Your Setup, and you'll be able to share the episode with all your friends and family!

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How to Feature Your Creative Workspace on Show Me Your Setup


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