Podcast Editing: Keep Your Audience Engaged

Podcast Editing: Keep Your Audience Engaged
Podcast Editing: Keep Your Audience Engaged

At ModPod, we love podcasts because they often provide specialized content for niche audiences. Instead of programming that is broadcasted with the intention of reaching the widest audience or the most desirable advertising demographic, podcasts feel like a conversation between listener and host about topics that are mutually important.

What about the actual sound of podcasts?

They sound more intimate, less polished, and less commercial than television, film, or radio.

Since themes and topics are closer to home, listeners feel a closer connection to the content and the hosts. And since listeners proactively seek out specific content, topics, and presenters, podcasts feel more interactive. Podcast listeners feel less “targeted” by traditional media broadcasts where the advertising demo is all important. Instead, we find podcasters that share our passion.

The structure of most podcasts falls under one of three formats:

1. Monologue - Solo host “broadcasting”

2. Conversation - Two or more hosts having a conversation

3. Interview - One or more hosts interviewing a subject

Whatever format our clients provide, as podcast editors, our strategy is to keep the feel of podcast audio as intimate and conversational as originally recorded, but with enhanced production values and professionalism.

After spot checking incoming podcast audio, our editors decide exactly how to process – smoothing out levels and eliminating most unwanted mouth click sounds and overbearing “S” sounds.

With processing accomplished, instead of meticulously removing all breaths and “under the radar,” barely noticeable noises, our audio editors instead focus on pacing. The monologue, conversation, interview, or other podcast audio format should be pleasant to hear, without awkward pauses, stumbles, “ums,” and other annoyances that listeners would rather skip. Releasing podcasts episodes with unprofessional audio is a sure way to keep low listenership. No matter how great a podcast’s content, bad audio will take listeners right out of the experience.

We listen to our clients’ entire episodes, tightening up all those ill-timed pauses and bits of nervous energy. As we work the audio, we remove any unwanted noises that might trigger listeners to lose focus. Ultimately, what is left is conversational audio with all the humanity and emotion intact – including normal breaths, outbursts, and laughter – but with none of the distractions.

Audio Levels Less than Perfect?

Good, easy-to-listen podcast audio must have consistent levels. Listeners should not have to “ride” the volume knob, waiting to react to unpredictable and uncomfortable loud sections, which could surprise a set of relaxed ears with painfully loud outbursts. And what about those unintelligible quiet parts, where listeners are forced to strain to hear what is being said while quickly fumbling to adjust volume? What if, to hear a particularly quiet section, the volume has been raised, but then suddenly, the speaker raises her voice, or another, louder voice unexpectedly bursts through, damaging sensitive ears? Riding the volume knob gets old, fast. And no listener should have to scroll back to listen over and over, just trying hear an important point in the conversation that was recorded too low to be discerned.

We fix all these issues, so that your podcast is free of sections that are too quiet and sections that are too loud. Instead of hearing distracting audio issues, your listeners can focus on your content.

We Offer Podcast Editing Services

Would you like to use our audio editing services to sort out your podcast audio? Contact us so we can schedule a time to talk.

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Podcast Editing: Keep Your Audience Engaged


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