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Full Spectrum Services.
Flexible Pricing Plans.

Every podcasting journey is unique.  We tailor our program based on how far you’ve traveled and what you need in your backpack.

Get Clear

Podcast Strategy and Concept

One-time payment of:



 to $


  • Strategy formulation
  • Listener targeting & needs assessment
  • Podcast series concept development
  • Best practices research
  • Creative brief

Get Ready

Series & Studio Preparation

One-time payment of:



 to $


  • Series planning & preparation
  • Studio preparation assistance
  • Topic development
  • Episode scheduling
  • Guest profiling
  • Host coaching

Get Going

Series and Episode Production*


Tier 1

Starting at:




Essential Podcast Production Services

Everything in previous tier plus:
  • Audio editing
  • Audio engineering
  • Intro/outro music integration
  • Sound integration
  • Title/show notes development
  • Podcast distribution
  • Transcription
  • Video editing (add $250/month)

Tier 2

Starting at:




Enhanced Podcast Production Services

Everything in previous tier plus:
  • Project management
  • Audio & video cut identification
  • Audiograms
  • Blog & social media posts
  • Trailer production
  • Episode script support
  • Voice script support
  • Voice talent services
  • Producer services
  • Podcast website production

Tier 3

Starting at:




Premium Podcast Production Services

Everything in previous tier plus:
  • Strategic podcast series review sessions
  • Host/guest episode preparation
  • Interviewer services
  • Social media management
  • Podcast marketing & PR
  • Guest booking & management
  • Advanced creative elements
Request Custom Quote

* Monthly pricing presumes one Episode per month. Should you need more, we can provide a custom quote. We can also mix and match services to create a custom Tier for you.

If you need just audio editing and music integration services for a limited number of Episodes, ask about our
Quick Start package when requesting a quote.

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Tier 1

Basic Podcast
Production Services

Tier 2

Advanced Podcast
Production Services

Tier 3

Premium Podcast
Production Services

Monthly price starting at:

$750 /mo

$1,500 /mo


Audio editing

Intro/Outro music integration

Sound integration


Title/show notes development

Podcast distribution

Audio file management & archiving

Episode marketing assets

Episode script support

Trailer production

Voice talent services

Interviewer services

Producer services

Strategic Podcast Series review sessions

Social media management

Podcast marketing and PR

Guest booking & management

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