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Show Me Your Setup

Reviewin' the Ergonomic Dygma Defy Split Keyboard & Nulea Vertical Trackball Mouse

Reviewin' the Ergonomic Dygma Defy Split Keyboard & Nulea Vertical Trackball Mouse
Feb 5, 2024
Show Me Your Setup

Dan & Josh check in with an early review of the highly anticipated, innovative Dygma Defy split keyboard, discussing its ergonomic benefits.

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In this engaging episode of "Show Me Your Setup," hosts Dan and Josh explore the forefront of ergonomic workspace design, focusing on the newly released Dygma Defy keyboard. They share insights into the year-long anticipation for this innovative split keyboard, its ergonomic benefits, and the impact of such designs on daily computer use.

00:11 Dygma Defy pre-order saga
00:49 Quest for ergonomic desk setups
05:38 Nulea M506 Wired Trackball Mouse
06:25 Foot pedal for left mouse clicks
07:27 Dygma Defy tenting
10:30 Finding proper desk height
12:06 Dygma Defy programmable keys
15:37 Show Me Your Setup
18:15 Vertical mouse
20:50 Bonus benefit of a split keyboard

Introduction: Welcome to Episode 9 of "Show Me Your Setup," where hosts Dan and Josh dive into the world of ergonomic setups, focusing on innovative solutions that cater to comfort and functionality in the workspace. This episode shines a spotlight on the newly released Dygma Defy keyboard and explores the broader implications of ergonomic designs in our daily tech use.

Dygma Defy Keyboard Unveiled: Josh shares his experience as an early adopter of the Dygma Defy, a cutting-edge split keyboard that promises to redefine ergonomic typing. After a year-long anticipation since his pre-order in January 2023, Josh delves into the keyboard's unique features, including its split design, customizable options, and the journey from order to delivery.

Ergonomic Insights: Dan and Josh discuss the evolution of ergonomic tools, reflecting on their personal journeys through various devices aimed at reducing discomfort from repetitive typing and mouse usage. The conversation covers the shift from traditional to split keyboards, drawing inspiration from the iconic Microsoft Natural Keyboard, and the quest for the ideal hand position.

Wireless vs. Wired: The debate on wireless versus wired setups is explored, with Josh opting for wired configurations for conservation reasons, while Dan appreciates the flexibility of wireless mice despite his preference for wired keyboards.

Vertical Mice and Trackballs: Josh introduces the concept of vertical mice, specifically the Nulea vertical trackball mouse, as a game-changer in combating wrist and arm pain. The discussion extends to the potential benefits of foot pedals to reduce repetitive mouse clicks, highlighting the importance of finding personalized ergonomic solutions.

Tenting and Customization: The hosts discuss the significance of tenting in split keyboards for maintaining a natural hand position, emphasizing the Dygma Defy's robust tenting kit. Josh shares his customization approach, particularly the programming of thumb clusters and the strategic placement of keys for optimal comfort and efficiency.

Listener Engagement: Dan and Josh invite listeners to share their ergonomic setups and innovations, encouraging interaction through email, social media, and their website. The hosts express their eagerness to explore and discuss listener contributions in future episodes.

Cat-Friendly Feature: In a whimsical twist, the episode concludes with a nod to cat lovers, highlighting the Dygma Defy's split design as an unexpected boon for feline companionship during work hours.

Conclusion: Episode 9 of "Show Me Your Setup" not only introduces the Dygma Defy keyboard but also serves as a testament to the ongoing ergonomic revolution in workspace design. By sharing personal experiences, insights, and listener interactions, Dan and Josh foster a community of like-minded individuals passionate about enhancing comfort and functionality in their setups.

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